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Social media trending video of Pastora Rossy Guzman

Social media trending video of Pastora Rossy Guzman

You can watch the Social media trending video of Pastora Rossy Guzman down below. Currently, Pastoral Video One of the subjects is Twitter. That is well-liked on a variety of platforms, including social media. As soon as possible, the Public Ministry took action against Pastor Rossy Guzmán Sánchez. As a result of the widely viewed movie, the Shalom Tierra de Paz church leader was criticized for alleged instances of corruption during the execution of the so-called “Choral Operation.” For more information, visit Unmotivated World.

Along with being an active member of the Shalom Tierra de Paz Church. Previously, Rossy Guzmán served as its minister. When one of her movies was posted online, she was arrested.

video of Pastora Rossy Guzman

It also disclosed that because of potential connections to Major General Adán Cáceres The Special Prosecutor for the Prosecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca) questioned Guzmán Sánchez, the former president Danilo Medina’s security chief, three times in February. The same accusations led to his arrest on Saturday as well.


The leaked movie from Pastora Rossy Guzmán is unquestionably a popular viral video. due to the fact that a great deal of people are still looking for it and having difficulty doing so because of how well-known it has become. Do not worry; the video of Pastora Rossy Guzmán will be released.

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