latest nollywood movies on netflix

Latest Nollywood Movies On Netflix

Latest Nollywood Movies On Netflix

The Nigerian movie has taken the whole film industry by storm as it has evolved from being a movie genre played in one region to the global stage.

Massive successes have been recorded in the past year by Nigerian movie projects, as the projects all took a different dimension at the point of the movie launch/release.

So you have your Netflix subscription, and need to have a list of the Nigerian movies you can watch on the platform? You have come to the right place. There is a rich selection of Nollywood movies available for you to select from on Netflix.

Finding all the Nollywood/Nigerian movies on Netflix from a single source can be difficult, which is why we have done the work for you and collated the list. See the definitive list below.

List of New Nigerian Movies on Netflix

Here are the latest Nigerian movies on Netflix in 2023. Sometimes, a movie that was released a year or two ago finally gets added to Netflix. This list includes such releases.

  • Before Valentine’s
  • Dark October
  • U-Turn
  • All Na Vibes

All Nigerian Movies on Netflix 2023

We have carefully curated lists for all Nigerian movies that are on Netflix, so you can see those movies you haven’t seen yet

  1. Anikulapo
  2. Citation
  3. Blood Sisters
  4. Aki And Paw Paw
  5. Lockdown
  6. The Razz Guy
  7. Amina
  8. Breaded Life
  9. Glamour Girls
  10. October 1
  11. Ayinla
  12. Oloture
  13. Prophetess
  14. My Village People
  15. Living In Bondage: Breaking Free
  16. Tanwa Savage
  17. The Ghost And The Tout
  18. Black Rose
  19. All Na Vibes
  20. Merry men: The Real Yoruba Demons
  21. The Figurine
  22. Lara & the Beat
  23. Nneka The Pretty Serpent
  24. Up North
  25. Rattle Snake
  26. The Set Up 2
  27. Coming From Insanity
  28. Dwindle
  29. New Money
  30. Gone
  31. Omo Ghetto
  32. Naija Christmas
  33. Merry Men 2: Another Mission
  34. Chief Daddy
  35. Chief Daddy 2
  36. Swallow
  37. Finding Hubby
  38. Finding Hubby 2
  39. King Of Boys
  40. King Of Boys 2
  41. Special Jollof
  42. Gold Statue
  43. Sugar Rush
  44. Lagos Real Fake Life
  45. Dear Affy
  46. In Line
  47. Seven And A Half Dates
  48. Moms At War
  49. The Wedding Party
  50. The Wedding Party 2
  51. Unroyal
  52. 2 Weeks In Lagos
  53. 76
  54. The Royal Hibiscus Hotel
  55. Fifty
  56. Sanitation Day
  57. Seven
  58. The Bridge
  59. Quam’s Money
  60. Mokalik
  61. She Is
  62. Shadow Parties
  63. Mama Drama
  64. Osufia In London
  65. The Vendor
  66. Elevator Baby
  67. Namaste Wahala
  68. Gidi Blues
  69. God Calling
  70. LionHeart
  71. Three Thieves
  72. The Millions
  73. Ije: The Journey
  74. PayDay
  75. Fight In The Dark
  76. The Delivery Boy
  77. Who’s The Boss
  78. Oga Bolaji
  79. For Maria: Ebun Pataki
  80. Couple Of Days
  81. Fine Wine
  82. Isoken
  83. The Man Of God
  84. Black Rose
  85. Collision Course
  86. God Calling
  87. Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards
  88. Alter Ego
  89. Shadow parties
  90. Small Chops
  91. This Lady Called Life
  92. Bigger Than Africa
  93. Flower girl
  94. Last Flight To Abuja
  95. Day of Destiny
  96. Hire A Woman
  97. Phone Swap
  98. Soole
  99. Dinner At My Place
  100. U-turn
  101. Elesin Oba
  102. Weather For Two
  103. The Griot
  104. Far From Home (Limited Series)
  105. Before Valentine’s
  106. Dark October

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As new titles become available, we will keep our list of Nollywood/Nigerian movies on Netflix regularly updated for your convenience.

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