Is Industrial Machinery/Components A Good Career Path

Is Industrial Machinery/Components A Good Career Path

Is industrial machinery/components a good career path?

Have you ever considered a career in the industrial machinery/components industry?

The industrial machinery/component is growing and can also be regarded as a fast-paced career path seeing the opportunities it entails, there are a lot of untapped gems and niches in this field.

In this post, we will discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of pursuing a career in the industrial machinery/component industry.

What Is Industrial Machinery Components

Industry machinery/components in layman’s terms means basically machinery used in a specific trade or manufacturing and other industrial processes. Industrial machinery/components are not limited to just oil and gas productions. It comprises several other fields.

Industrial machinery and can also refer to various pieces that make up machinery like bearings, motors, brakes etc.

The industrial machinery/component sector is rapidly changing due to the obvious improvement in tech and the increasingly competitive landscape.

What Industrial Machinery/components Experts Do

What industrial machinery/components do cannot be overemphasized as a vast number of devices you use today were made by these experts, be it electronic, mechanical, or manual. For industrial machinery/components experts, the first job description should be making life easier.

People who work in this field are engineers, mechanics, electricians and technicians, and they are charged to maintain, operate, and even manufacture this machinery.

Sales and marketing also play a vital role in this field.

Is industrial machinery/components a good career path?

Benefits Of A Career In Industrial Machinery/Components

Careers in industrial machinery/components come with a lot of added advantages, ranging from;

  1. Job growth
  2. Job opportunities
  3. High earning potentials

Job Growth

Plants that don’t grow die! But unlike other career paths, experts and even beginners in industrial machinery/components grow, not like the plant though, but they grow and sprouts career-wise.

Statistics show that an average, industrial machinery/component expert gets either promoted, cheque rise or even a top executive opening.

Job Opportunities

Industrial machinery/components have since grown to be a sector of multiple opportunities and have not failed in service delivery.

Be it engineering, mechanics, machine manufacturing and machine operation, the field is vast and hence can contain whoever wants to venture into it.

Although the industrial machinery/component industry is a competitive industry, there are still job openings available for anyone with the right skill set and educational qualification to join.

High Earning Potential

Guaranteed high-pay cheques are one of those factors that still keep dozens of people flocking into the sector. The average salary for an industrial machinery component expert is estimated to be about $65,944 to $87,721.

Drawbacks Of A Career In Industrial Machinery/Components

Just as with any other career path, there are a few drawbacks in the industrial machinery/component that did not go unnoticed. Which are;

  1. High Education Requirements
  2. Technical Skills
  3. Competitive Field

High Education Requirement

You should be expecting this already, the industrial machinery/component industry requires you to have at least a bachelor’s degree or at most a master’s degree.

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Though your educational background may come off as an added advantage, you would need to study a course in college that is related to this field to comfortably secure a job in the industry.

Technical Skills

Just as the name entails, you would need to be industrious to comfortably work in industrial machinery /components.

Here you don’t just a bachelor’s degree you need to be skilful just as your educational background serves as an added advantage, you need technical skills to scale through.

Is industrial machinery/components a good career path

Competitive field

This field has a vast variety of career opportunities and job openings, but is still very competitive, as organizations always go for the best hands.

How to Get Ready for a Career in Industrial Components and Machinery

I am a staunch believer in preparation and readiness, as you would need this to secure the perfect job in this industry. I have outlined some things you would need to consider before opting for a job in industrial machinery/components.

  • Education
  • Internship
  • networking


The need for education here cannot be overemphasized. There is no other way to go around it. Even though your job specifications may not require formal education, you would need informal education/orientation in the field.


Internships are just as important as any other factor that can get you a job in this industry, as it gives you a little experience on the job.

As most employees would require you to have a year or two years of experience before considering you for employment.


Spread your reach, and connect with other individuals in your field or similar field, this may be of a great path to take right, and you would surely be proud you threaded this way.

Building professional connections births now may birth future partnerships and deals in the future.


Industrial machinery/components is undoubtedly a great career path as we’ve seen from the benefits individuals in the field get access to, not disputing the fact that it is also a very demanding career path.

We hope you’ve learnt a thing or a thing, and we would really want to get your feedback.

Our Final Verdict

Is industrial machinery/components a good career path

Overall, industrial machinery/components can be a great career choice if you enjoy working with your hands, have technical skills and would love to solve problems, then you are in the right field.

The industrial machinery/components sector is an in-demand field as people all across the world are searching for reliable means to perform tasks.

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