5 Nigerian Musician You Never Knew Were Producers

5 Nigerian Musicians You Never Knew Were Producers

Hi guys, welcome to another episode of naija music talks on kpop vibes!

So there are a lot of interesting happenings currently going on in the Nigerian music industry from the regular gbasgbos between artists to the unveiling of new arts and projects, that wouldn’t be our focus for today’s article as we would be looking at successful transitions of some music producers buzzing artists.

Some of these artists, permit me to say, are doing amazing exploits in this industry at the moment. Music production is currently underrated in the country and this basic factor has stirred so many arguments between music critics in the country.

5 Nigerian Musicians You Never Knew Were Producers

  1. M.i Abaga

We got you, right? So M.i Abaga started off as a music producer this happens to be an unknown fact as M.i Abaga is popularly known as just a rapper, in fact, the best rapper in Africa.

Sometime in 2018, M.I Abaga decided to pull a Kanye West stunt when he produced three albums and released them all at once.

He was responsible for the production of Blaqbonez’s “Bad Boy Blaq,” Loose Kaynon and AQ’s “Crown,” and his album, “Yxng Dxnzl.”

If you pay close attention, I bet you would, he produced some tracks on this recent album “The Guy”

His time at Chocolate City may be over, and now he says he’s becoming an artist manager. That’s okay, but we know if he ever wants to consider production, the man is good for it.

2. Phyno

Phyno actually started his career as a producer back in the East in the mid-2000s before transitioning into a rapper years later.

As a producer, he worked with such artists as Illbliss and Runtown—who used to be a Penthouse artist, by the way.

And I bet you he still knows the game.

3. Killertunes

Well, this one is kind of like the reverse. Because many people know he’s a producer, and he’s worked with top artists from Olamide to Wizkid to Timaya.

But not a lot of people know that he actually sings pretty well too. He put out a new album sometime back and damn, it’s just like WizKid. Who would’ve thought, really?

4. Terry G

Anyone old enough knows Terry G was a menace in his time. Nobody could do it like Terry G did it, really.

Terry G, known for his fast-paced percussive hits, is another guy many don’t know is a producer. He’s a good one, too. You just need to ask about him.

5. CKay

CKay is not new at all, even if he’s been tipped for Next Rated. No, he’s not new. Not even close.

CKay has been in the industry for as long as I can remember. He started as a young producer under the Chocolate City outfit and worked with Ice Prince and the likes in the heydays of the label.

It’s one reason why a lot of the debates about CKay and any of the new crop of artists are laughable because he is a musical powerhouse and is not just another singer. Multi-talented, if you will.


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