Fitness tips for women

4 Best Fitness Tips For Woman

 Fitness Tips For Women

 2023 is slowly coming to an end, and you are probably hoping to step up your fitness game, well you are definitely in the right place.

 We’ve asked several fitness veterans how they have managed to keep fit over the years and how they manage that of their clients. And here we are with 4 amazing fitness for women regardless of the age difference.

4 Best Fitness Tips For Women

1. Start Small

One major factor of keeping fit that people often forget is starting small, well if you haven’t heard this before “keeping fit is a gradual process”  that is you will have to slowly and fully understand the process, and what works for you.

Kehinde Anjorin, certified functional strength coach, personal trainer, and founder of power in movement advises “You start small to properly understand what routine works for you small”

Quite a number of women around the world may not find this as a valid point and the belief the whole idea of keeping fit is by just working out and doing tiring and hard tasks, well I’m sorry to say, but you have a long way to go.

2. Make Fitness A Way Of Life

I can’t help but stress the fact that it takes a lot of discipline to properly keep fit!! Your fitness instructor may not tell you this, but you would need enthusiasm, resilience, and patience to see actual results.

On a comparable note, “the fitness journey is all about creating consistency and finding a way to make movement fit into your lifestyle,” says NCSF-certified personal trainer Elise Young.

This takes us back to our first point, starting small actually makes the process easier as you would have the choice to start working out comfortably rather than just going all out. Starting small boost your interest and gives you the morale to continue.

 Fitness tips for women

3.  Never skip your warm-up.

Just like musicians, your warm-up determines your performance. A lot of women and fitness instructors ignore the importance of warm-ups. According to Taylor Rae Almonte, NASM-certified personal trainer, actor, and activist, “Warm up before every workout, no exceptions,”  

I can’t help but stress the point that for every workout session, there should be successive warm-up sessions, it saves you from injuries.

Examples of warm-up to engage in before workouts.

  • Plank Walkout
  • Cat Cows
  • Lateral Lunges

4. Strength train twice weekly.

Sadly our last point on this episode of keeping fit please in touch with us at kpopvibes

Every fitness instructor would also advise his/her client to always strength train it keeps you moving!! You just started working out and don’t strength train? You would have little to no result. So please always strength train.

 Fitness tips for women



Just as the world evolves so does fitness and so does sport, the purpose of this article is to highlight the ignored fact about fitness and workout.

and there you go the 4 best fitness tips for women,


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